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As I said in my previous post “A house without a soul”, if experience give us culture: how much new experience does travelling give us? Nowadays, travelling is at the reach of all pockets; although this depends on the destiny, of course. The only thing that conditions more than money is time. And how much time do you have for travelling? Some more than others, probably, but not as much as we would like. I like travelling, not only to disconnect from daily responsibilities, or regain strength to face another year, but above all to get to know other cultures. Travelling opens your mind, it makes one more tolerant and makes us understand how human beings work in their different facets. “Plurality of cultures strengthens human imagination and opens up new scenarios for reflection and contemplation for us” How right was the author of this sentence: Carlos Blanco Lozano. I invite you to travel and read his book Beyond culture and religion.

The first flight I took I was 6 years old. I was in London. And throughout my life I have always tried to travel to a different country. Either because of its architectural wealth, or due to its history or because of its people. I delight my spirit and my senses with the good things that each country offers and I try to soak up their idiosyncrasy and essence. Some of the countries that I have most liked, because of one or several reasons, are: Namibia, Venezuela (Los Roques), Switzerland, Italy, France, Jordan, Israel, Czech Republic, Mexico. My next destiny, some country of the Asian continent. If for any reason I cannot travel, I read a book, and there, wherever I am, I can always travel to the most hidden areas of this world and in which I can imagine myself when a good novel traps me. I will always be passionate about art, dancing, food, and people. Always thirsty for culture. And you?